Thursday, September 24, 2009

Last night was the first results show for Season 9 of Dancing With The Stars. One female star and one male star had to be eliminated –RESULTS: Macy Gray and Ashley Hamilton were both sent home. It was a very easy elimination to predict this time around since both ’stars’ were just not cutting it (sorry Macy and Ashley).

Macy was the obvious ‘loser’ for this week…she didn’t even seem excited to be there. I definitely agreed on her elimination.

The dance tribute to Patrick Swayze was amazing. First, Chelsie and Dmitry dance to “She’s Like the Wind.” Anna T. and Jonathan start their segment evoking the pottery scene from Ghost, dancing to “Unchained Melody.” And of course, my favorite- Cheryl and Tony re-enact the last dance from Dirty Dancing, to “I’ve Had the Time of My Life.” It was very sweet. Rest in peace Patrick.

My absolute favorite dancing 'star' is Kelly Osbourne. She totally kicked some butt and looked beautiful and so incredibly happy. She better win the trophy! After Kelly performed an amazing dance she ran over to her father, Ozzy Osborne to get some love while mom was in tears. It'll be exciting to see who will be eliminated next week! Stay tuned!

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